Color Coated Corrugated Sheet

Standard : AISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS
Thickness : 1.5mm To 5mm
Width :
Surface Treatment : Coated



Color plate to cold rolled steel and galvanized steel as the substrate, after the surface pretreatment (degreasing, cleaning, chemical conversion treatment), in a continuous process of coating, after baking and cooling and made.

Painted plate, also known as color steel or PPGI steel.It is made of cold rolled steel sheet and galvanized steel sheet, after surface pretreatment (degreasing, cleaning, chemical conversion treatment), continuous coating (roller coating method), after baking and cooling.

A color coating steel plate from the section is divided into five layers: steel substrate, metal coating (also some products directly use cold rolled substrate), chemical conversion layer, primary (primer), finish (finish)


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